We’re all facing the same challenges.

Don’t feel like you have to do it alone.

Joining a Psychedelic Mastermind is recognizing that the collective intelligence and abilities of our peers can help us grow and discover things we may never have imagined or seen by ourselves.

A Psychedelic Mastermind is a safe and confidential space to share, learn, and collectively help shape the psychedelic industry from the ground up and the inside out.

As those directly working with some of the most powerful substances we’ve encountered in human history, we strive to protect and honor ourselves, our clients, the medicine, and the traditions of those who came before us.

What’s included

  • 2-hour monthly online mastermind session
  • Peer supervision & client/case reviews
  • Private online discussion groups
  • Additional monthly educational opportunities

Your Investment

$200 / month

Applications are Now Open


To bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Psychedelic Masterminds want positive outcomes for both clients and guides. Psychedelic training programs can only offer so much or go so far. And for those untethered from a training program or lineage, a stable community is difficult to find. Joining a Psychedelic Mastermind offers you a confidential set and setting to learn, celebrate, feel supported, and share the challenges you experience in your personal practice.



For facilitators, guides, and clergy actively practicing in the field of psychedelics.

A Psychedelic Mastermind is designed for those consistently “guiding” individuals or groups using a psychedelic substance. Ideal candidates usually guide at least two individual sessions or one group ceremony session per month. Most candidates accept that psychedelics have become a part of the “business of their life” and that the energy exchange for this work most often includes money.

A monthly, confidential, two-hour online meeting with additional mid-meeting learning opportunities and experiences.

Each mastermind is facilitated by an experienced practitioner and comprises five to ten of your psychedelic peers who are actively participating in the field of psychedelics. Group members may come from various traditions, backgrounds, belief systems, experience levels, and business models, and are could be serving different protocols, substances, molecules, or sacraments.



Through individual dialogue and group supervision, each participant shares and grows at every meeting.

While the structure of each group may vary slightly, each meeting is moderated to allow every participant a chance to receive and offer support. At each meeting, one group member is offered a longer session to share about their practice or a specific challenge. This “deep dive” allows both the presenter and group members to focus on specifics while opening themselves to new perspectives, opportunities, exploration, and growth.

Support, Experience, Wisdom, and Growth.

Many people in this profession have worked with little to no support or guidance. Others have only been exposed to a limited perspective by their mentors or training programs. Psychedelic Mastermind groups are designed to bring together practitioners from diverse backgrounds, allowing everyone to learn from one another. If you are not open to considering new ideas that might not align with your current belief system, training, or cosmology, this group may not be the right fit for you.



Safety, Ethics, Trust, Confidentiality, Wisdom, Reciprocity, Openness, and Stability

Our values serve a dual role. They act as guide rails for running our mastermind groups and also a consistent reminder of how our facilitators, guides, and clergy interact with their clients. This double-sided alignment allows participants the ability to practice their craft, be in a healthy community, and remain in integrity on both sides of their relationships.

Applications are Now Open