Becoming a member of a Psychedelic Mastermind Group offers you the opportunity to connect with and learn from your peers in one, 2-hour mastermind meeting per month

In between meetings, you will have access to both a private and public global online Slack community, mid-meeting educational webinars, and downloadable resources.

Participants may enroll in a facilitated Psychedelic Mastermind Group for 6 or 12 months. The participation cost is $200 per month and can be paid in a single payment of via a payment plan.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who should join a Psychedelic Mastermind?

An ideal candidate for a Psychedelic Mastermind is someone who regularly serves a macro dose of at least one psychedelic substance to their clients or congregation; most likely for a financial exchange. Typical group members facilitate two or more individual sessions or one group ceremony per month.

If you are only interested in microdosing, we are currently exploring the possibility of a specific microdosing group. Please feel free to apply; with enough interest, we will form and facilitate a group.

Is there specific training or qualifications required to join?

Aside from applying and being accepted into the program, there are no specific requirements. Psychedelic Masterminds believes there are many paths to successfully and safely offering psychedelics to clients.

A few typical scenarios might include:

  • You have completed a training program but have little experience sitting with clients.
  • You are a trained psychotherapist and are beginning to explore using substances with your clients. 
  • You have been working with indigenous teachers or within a lineage in another country but are looking for additional support and training.
  • You have no formal training but have been operating underground for many years.
  • You may have experience trip-sitting for your friends and would like to formalize your practice with the support and guidance from experienced practitioners. 

We believe each participant has something valuable to offer and that group members from different backgrounds can benefit from hearing multiple perspectives.

What do I get when I join?

At its core, Psychedelic Mastermind members will attend a private, facilitated, two-hour mastermind group each month.

Additional benefits include:

  • Private Slack group for only your mastermind members.
  • Private Slack group for all members of a mastermind group.
  • Public Slack group of community guides, facilitators, and clergy. 
  • Regular, members-only education opportunities.
  • Templates for client intake and evaluation forms, workbooks, and assessment tools.

Through a larger and more active network, Psychedelic Masterminds intends to bring the best possible member benefits we can to our community. As time and interest grow, so will this list of benefits.

How much does it cost?

Group membership is $300 per month with committments of 6 and 12 months.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes. Payments may be spread out over multiple months.

Discounts are offered for payment in full.

What payment methods are available?

All payments must be made via credit card.

Are there other benefits to joining a group?

In addition to the quantitative benefits mentioned above, there are many benefits to joining a Psychedelic Mastermind Group.

  • Being in a supportive community of your peers.
  • Having friends that understand you and the work you do.
  • Getting 24×7 access to others doing a similar kind of work.
  • Having a safe and private group to ask uncomfortable questions.
  • Not having to search for teachers and mentors all on your own.
  • Getting exposure to experienced guides serving multiple substances.
  • Having a place to share your celebrations and successes.
  • Learning from others’ mistakes.
  • Just to name a few.
What is the format for a group meeting?

A typical meeting format will include:

  • A short check-in from each member
  • Single-member deep-dive, Q&A & feedback.
  • Per member sharing, feedback & accountability
  • Closing
What other educational opportunities come with my membership?

Currently, two additional educational opportunities exist for group members:

  • Book Club – Members from all groups are encouraged to participate in a book club and online sharing meeting. Members can discuss the book and learn from their peers through the Slack channel and online meetings in a group format.
  • Monthly Webinars – Members from all groups receive exclusive access to monthly webinars and programming. Topics will be selected based on the needs of the groups, current events, and the availability of presenters.
What is the time commitment?

Memberships are sold in 6 or 12-month blocks. Unless otherwise agreed upon, each 2-hour meeting will be held during the same timeslot each month. There are no other time commitments or assignments.

What topics will be discussed during a meeting?

No topic is off limits provided it’s related to psychedelics or something coming up in your community or practice.

Common topics include:

  • Safety and harm reduction
  • Preparation and integration
  • Medical and psychological issues and contraindications
  • Protocol and ritual
  • Interventions
  • Training opportunities
  • Legal Issues
  • Diversity
  • Ethics & Boundaries
  • Music
  • The business of psychedelics
  • And anything else that’s beneficial to growth and positive outcomes.
How many people are in a group?

Groups typically consist of 5-10 members.

Who else can/will be in my group?

Group members will be placed based on the best fit for the group, the substance(s) they are serving, and their level of experience. It is our desire to create groups with both diversity of thought and experience while keeping the groups focused on a common substance.

An ideal group of ten would include four participants from a more sacred or spiritual tradition, four from a more psychotherapeutic or clinical approach, and two relative newcomers seeking to learn and grow their practice.  

Will there be people I already know or work with in my group?

Unless approved by the facilitator and the group, members of one group will not be combined with other members working in the same general locale or community. This is very intentional and offers a higher degree of safety, honesty, confidentiality, and freedom of expression. 

Who will facilitate the group?

Each group will be facilitated by a guide, facilitator, or clergy member with at least five years of experience working directly with clients sincerely using psychedelic substances for healing, growth, and transformation.

What is Psychedelic Mastermind Groups’ position on ethics?

Ethics, second only to safety, is a core value of Psychedelics Masterminds. While we make no attempt to become the arbiter of an individual’s behavior, it is our intention to bring ethics into every aspect of our business and that of the guides, facilitators, and clergy within our groups.

There is often no clear-cut, right or wrong answer to ethical issues. Therefore, as a rule of thumb, we attempt to operate above the written law and with the client’s safety and best interest in mind. 

First, we ask that each member of a Psychedelic Mastermind Group agree to the North Star Pledge.

Second, as part of the application process, each potential member is given an opportunity to review and comment upon the MAPS MDMA-Assisted Therapy Code of Ethics.

It is possible that something within the MAPS Code of Ethics does not align with an individual’s practice. This does not exclude them from participating in a Psychedelic Mastermind. However, it allows each practitioner to provide context about their individual practice and how they are still staying in the relationship with their clients and the group.

Group members who consistently operate outside of the Psychedelic Mastermind core values will no longer be allowed to particpate within a mastermind group.

How is confidentiality addressed?

Confidentiality is a core value of the organization. Without confidentiality and trust, group members are not able to receive optimal benefit from their membership.

Therefore, a committment to these two values is presupposed when joining a group.

No member should divulge the identity of any other group member. Nor share the stories, scenarios, or situations of any other member in their group, other groups, or within any of the available online messaging platforms. 

Each member is required to agree to and sign a confidentiality agreement prior to their participation in a Psychedelic Mastermind Group, and any member breaking this agreement will be removed from the group. 

While detailed client interactions and issues are welcome and encouraged within the group, the personally identifiable information of clients or other guides should never be divulged in any mastermind groups or any online communication channels.

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Applications are Now Open