Psychedelic Masterminds was created to fill a need that already exists within the psychedelic community today. 

But more importantly, this need will continue to grow. As legalization and decriminalization efforts expand, more practitioners will need more support. 

If you’re committed to the sincere use of psychedelics for growth and healing, please join us – either for a mastermind group or our free online community.

Applications are Now Open


The mission of Psychedelic Masterminds is to create a supportive and compassionate community for facilitators, guides, and clergy. Together, we strive towards personal growth, openness to new possibilities, and creating positive outcomes for ourselves and our clients.



To serve as a stabilizing force of ethically-oriented, self-monitoring psychedelic practitioners interested in sharing their practices, knowledge, and wisdom to affect positive change through psychedelics.



We seek to create and maintain safety in all our actions. Be them physical, psychological, and spiritual.


We seek to act in an ethical manner above that of written regulation or law.


We seek to create trust within ourselves and offer it to our clients and fellow practitioners.


We seek to create private and confidential spaces where we, as well as our clients, can do our deepest work.


We seek the wisdom of those who have come before us and from the Universal Truths that surround us. 


We seek to maintain an equal exchange with everyone and everything in our lives and practice.


We seek to remain open to new ideas, even when they may challenge our deeply held beliefs.


We seek to create stability for ourselves, our clients, and our communities.

Applications are Now Open


The Why Behind The Why

Like many others, my experience with psychedelics started in college through more recreational avenues. My actual journey with sacred medicine began in 2015. My heart, mind and eyes opened wide to new possibilities while sitting with ayahuasca in the jungles of Peru. Shortly thereafter, I met my first psychedelic mentor, and in 2016 began organizing a yearly ayahuasca circle for him to serve medicine to our local community.

In 2017, community members started asking me to “trip sit” for them. For a meager exchange, I began capitalizing on my 15 years as a DJ, crafting playlists and holding space for friends and experienced travelers wanting to go deeper. My primary role was simple; safety and support.

In 2018, I met my first teacher (a Ph.D. psychotherapist who has been serving LSD for over 40 years) and began incorporating much of his experience and teachings into my work. Thus began my slow, confusing, and often lonely metamorphosis from a trip sitter to a “guide.”

Since then, I have sought out and worked with many remarkable teachers, healers, supervisors, and leaders serving numerous medicines and protocols. Many are from South America, some from the United States, some working with indigenous wisdom, and others operating within very traditional Western models of medicine and  psychotherapy. I’ve incorporated teachings from every single one into my practice.

Today, I refer to myself as a transformational guide and operate as the founder and lead minister of the Church of Universal Consciousness. My two primary lineages are those of Neem Karoli Baba (Gv is short for Govind Dass, a name given to me by Ram Dass in 2018) and my primary medicine teacher, Roberto Flores Solis, an ayahuasca and wachuma master who has been serving for over 25 years in a deep, sacred, and powerful Peruvian lineage.

Since 2016, I have sat with over 500 people in a combination of individual and group experiences using various substances, including ayahuasca, San Pedro, psilocybin, MDMA, LSD, DMT, and ketamine.

For many years, this work demanded secrecy. Those with experience feared coming above ground for fear of ridicule or prosecution. These boundaries are now dissolving, and more and more institutions are offering “all you need to know to be a guide” training programs. Sadly, many of these programs cannot provide any interaction with actual substances or live journeys. This paradigm leaves enormous holes in experience, skills, and knowledge.

In service to his shortfall, I’ve taken my skills as a 20+ year corporate consultant and facilitator, fifteen years as a coach and mentor, and seven years working with psychedelics and merged them into Psychedelic Masterminds. Here lies my hope of a confidential, grounded, and stable community of practitioners who genuinely desire to create deep healing and positive transformation within themselves and the individuals they work with.

Psychedelic Masterminds was designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice. It’s the bridge I struggled to build for many years, and my hope is that others don’t have to struggle the way I did. Each mastermind offers education and support for facilitators, guides, and clergy practicing within the real world of psychedelics.

Working with psychedelics represents the most significant shift in human healing and consciousness in the history of our lives (not to mention my own). Textbook training programs and legislation – while all incredibly necessary and valuable –  are not enough to keep clients and guides safe and supported.

For those who believe in the true power of this work.

For those whose calling is to do this work.

For those who want to share and learn from others doing this work.

For those seeking support and community within the work..

Psychedelic Masterminds is being built by and for you.


Om Shanti,


Applications are Now Open


“We are led by the least among us – the least intelligent, the least noble, the least visionary. We are led by the least among us and we do not fight back against the dehumanizing values that are handed down as control icons.”

~ Terence McKenna