Welcome to Psychedelic Masterminds

Psychedelic Masterminds is currently forming a collection of mastermind groups created specifically for those actively practicing in the field of psychedelics. This could include psychedelic facilitators, therapists, guides, and clergy members.

Psychedelic Masterminds was conceived for the sole purpose of supporting those whose calling it is to support others through the use of psychedelics. Topics of conversation may include psychotherapy, spirituality, ethics, best practices, and the business of psychedelics.

Each Psychedelic Mastermind Group is facilitated by an experienced practitioner and made up of a group of psychedelic peers coming from various traditions, backgrounds, belief systems, experience levels, business models, and potentially serving different substances, molecules, and sacraments.

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We’re working quickly to assemble details, timing, costs, etc. If you’re interested in learning more or joining a group, please join the waitlist, and we’ll contact you with details once they’re released.

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